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2015 - Present

After years of researching the fitness industry, Ana prepared to open a new training facility focused on training programs specific for women. Parallel to the fitness boom was the growth in women’s workout attire. Ana found an incredible opportunity to build a women-centric wellness studio at one of the leading retailers in women’s high quality athletic and lifestyle brands: Athleta.

Business Strategy

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  • re done studio Athleta Studio 2019
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Ana created the business model of the first fitness studio at Athleta. From fitness and wellness programming, to hiring staff and instructors, the Studio positioned Athleta as a player in the boutique fitness space while increasing customer loyalty and driving store traffic. The Studio continues to operate as a business driver for the brand as well as a community space for fitness instructors to build their personal brands with a focus on empowering women and girls to live healthy and active lifestyles.

Marketing Strategy

Through collaboration with cross-functional social, retail ops and visual marketing teams, Ana was instrumental in building the marketing strategy of the brand specific to urban markets. Her team launched the first area-specific social media handle for the Athleta brand, @AthletaNYC, developed and managed the digital marketing strategy for segmented NYC customer groups, and launched the Studio's website.

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  • Talent Management

    Ana was part of Athleta's Brand Ambassador program launch and spearheaded the recruitment for New York City talent. Her partnerships led to successful storytelling campaigns across catalogue placements, online marketing,a national sweepstakes campaign and numerous retail store window takeovers.

    Ana has recruited and managed over 100 women for ambassador roles in various brands and takes pride in building strong relationships to effectively meet both talent and brand needs.

  • Brand Campaigns

    Ana is a listener and a consumer of brand trends. She loves to devour content and learn about brand messaging that speaks to consumers. With the fitness scene exploding, Ana saw a void in consumer health: overall wellness. As a result, she created programming for the Athleta Studio centered around wellness pillars, in addition to physical fitness classes. Through cross-functional teamwork, the idea was adopted by the brand as a national approach to community events leading to: The Wellness Collective. Athleta, in partnership with Well & Good, launched a series of events and digital content to bring to life Athleta’s new approach to community building.

  • Powerful Events

    A people person, Ana is passionate about building partnerships and real-life events that create an impact for consumers. Through her network, Ana has helped to create and manage creative events ranging from 50- 1000 guests. She has created powerful experiences from Yoga on a Yacht to multi-state fitness tours with Samsung and ClassPass, to name a few.

Image Credits:

  • Colleen Conlon | Athleta Brand Ambassador
  • Athleta x Well & Good | Wellness Collective Partnership
  • Yoga on a Yacht | Photograph by Paige Horton